The KIDS CAN RIDESM program makes available riding school and/or equestrian summer camp scholarships for children needing financial assistance. This opportunity will be available in several locations in your region and will enable these young people to develop immensely important skills – responsibility, leadership, teamwork, confidence, goal setting, and focus on a positive experience.  It is our hope that the program will be so successful that we can expand it to include scholarships for high school and college freshman needing help with the cost of  Equestrian Team expenses (it usually costs a student a lot to be on the Team).

Scholarships will be provided through a non-profit 501(c)3 organization, such as the Oregon Horse Country Foundation. An advisory committee will be created to review scholarship and riding school/camp applications, and make selections.

We believe horses change lives. They impart to us a sense of the world beyond our daily routine and instill in us a great sense of responsibility for our actions and for an incredible animal.

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