Need some story inspiration!  Here’s a list of ideas that might spark a wonderful story.  Remember, it is just a short story – - about half of a page or 250 words.  If you really cannot think of anything, you can just send in TWO recipes instead.  Maybe, add a favorite quote!

~ How your horse saved your life…  or you saved his/hers.

~  You have a daughter/son that rides and there was a specific event that made you realize that she was born to ride.

~  You are blessed with wonderful friends and they came to your rescue when…

~  You always wanted to ride, but never thought you would until…

~  Your mother was an inspiration because…

~  The day you received your first blue ribbon.

~  You had a great uncle that rode in the world famous…

~  What you would tell us about your mentor or hero/heroine?

~  You have a motto by which you live your life.  It is …

~  Your wife/husband is the greatest mother/father in the world because ….

~  A person or event that really changed your life or impacted how you felt.

-  You have this great recipe which was handed down through your family…  why is it so special?

~  A funny or embarrassing moment when you were learning to ride horses.

~  Your child inspires you each day because…

~  Why you would never give up owning a horse and/or riding?

~  When your grandmother passed on the top secret cookie recipe to you and showed you how to make them.

~  Your first horse and what you had to do to convince your parents you’d take very care of him.

~  The grandest time you had with friends while on a trail ride.

~  Your first horse show… or your last one!

~  The cooking disaster you experienced when you made your first meal for your new spouse.

~  The little white lie you told your daughter so she would take a nap, so you could ride.

~  In memoriam of your beloved horse/parent/spouse passing.

~  Your thoughts on what we all should do to help neglected and abandoned horses.

~  Your favorite horse joke, poem or quote.